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An Overview Of The New Level 2 Gym And Level 3 PT Fitness Qualifications

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An Overview Of The New Level 2 Gym And Level 3 PT Fitness Qualifications

The world of fitness is changing rapidly, with new innovations in technique and technology emerging every year. Alongside these innovations comes growing awareness of the importance of business planning and development, as well as understanding the various social, economic and cultural backgrounds that direct the behaviours of existing and potential customers.

While qualified personal trainers and fitness instructors should ensure that they keep abreast of industry developments, the fitness courses and qualifications designed for new recruits to the profession must also keep pace with change.

Introducing the two latest qualifications

The up-to-date qualifications for the fitness industry are:

Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

These two qualifications have been introduced to reflect the way that the fitness industry and workplaces have changed in recent years.

Changes to roles in a gym

In the past, the roles of different workers in a gym were more delineated, with each person taking responsibility for a particular aspect of running the venue or working with clients.

These jobs would include reception work, being part of the sales team, carrying out gym instruction or working as a personal trainer.

Today there is a more fluid and flexible approach, with workers likely to take on more roles that are customer facing. A gym employee or freelance personal trainer might start the day on reception, then sign up new recruits or get involved in marketing campaigns before going on to teach fitness classes and offer 1-2-1 training for clients.

Because of these changes, courses in gym instructing and personal training need to cover a wider range of fitness and business issues.

How do the new qualifications reflect changes within the fitness profession

Advances in technology have revolutionised the fitness profession, from wearable fitness devices such as trackers and watches to food tracking apps and Technogym’s Wellness System, which allows you to access data, content and workout programmes when you’re on the move, including at the gym.

As a result, those new to the industry will now learn more about how to process and present information, from leaflets to schematics, as well as how systems like Technogym can be applied.

The Level 2 course is now more well-rounded than ever, embracing recent innovations and including them in the required assessments.

Once Level 2 has been completed, learners can move on to the Level 3 course, which has also been updated to include new developments. As well as training methods, this course looks at areas such as lifestyle analysis and bio-psycho-social models, with a focus on changing behaviours, stage of readiness and the impact on training of a client’s social, economic and cultural background. Level 3 also covers business planning, analysis and modelling.

Accreditations and recognition

Both the Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing and the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training are on the qualification framework to be internationally recognised, and both are accredited by REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) and CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).

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