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How A Personal Trainer Can Apply PNF Stretching: Part 3

Avatar for Hadyn Luke Hadyn Luke posted this on Tuesday 16th of April 2013 Hadyn Luke 16/04/2013



The video in today’s blog is relating to two of our previous articles ‘PNF- a powerful technique for personal trainers’and ‘How personal trainers can use PNF stretching Part 2’.

In part one of this ‘blog trilogy’ we discussed the scientific rationale behind PNF stretching and how via the recruitment of the golgi tendon organ and the muscle spindle, a personal trainer can have a significant impact on the flexibility of their client.

In part 2 we discussed the more practical applications of PNF stretches including different techniques such as CRAC (contract, relax, antagonist, relax) and Hold and Relax (HR) and how a personal trainer can apply these for different muscle groups.

In part 3, we demonstrate how to apply these stretches via the use of our experienced tutors, some clear teaching points and some ‘snazzy’ back ground music.

Have a go and let us know how you get on: @CMSFitness or facebook.com/CMSFitnessCourses

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